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Unique Smart Meter Products

Unique smart meters allow utilities and businesses to keep their finger on the pulse of their energy distribution in real time, to detect energy theft, assist revenue collection, and protect grid stability.
Available features include:
  • Tamper alarms
  • Pre-payment options
  • & Remote connection and disconnection
all at industry standards of proven reliability and data integrity.

Product List

Uniqe offers a full line of wall mounted and DIN rail meters, for single and three-phase modes.  Click here for a full product catalogue, or see our line of prducts on the website page by page, to find an energy management solution that meets your company's needs.

Single Phase Meters

Wall mounted, DIN rail and standard base meters for single-phase systems

Three Phase Meters

Wall mounted and DIN rail meters for multi-phase systems

Display Units

Provide two way communication with customer and allow for total meter isolation to prevent tampering and theft

Appliance Control Devices

Allow for remote connection/disconnection and power limitation of loads inside the customer’s residence, to enable demand side management


Advanced control system monitors up to 500 units, processes information and reports to control center using GSM, Wifi, Ethernet or oprtc fibers.

Water and Gas Meters

Transmits meetings from water and gas meters to nearby power meters using Radio Frequency.  Power meters then transmit readings back to central station using Power Line Communication.

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