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Three Phase Wall Mounted Meter with Power Line and Cellular Connection Capability 

Class 1 active energy  and  Class 2 reactive energy readings

Direct Connection


3 x 230(400)VAC

Power Line Communication with optional cellular module

Advanced anti-theft features

Multi-tariff capability

4-quadrant readings (import/export, active/reactive)

Remote connect/disconnect and power limitation

Internal clock with remote synchronization

Supports credit and pre-payment plans

M380, M380R, M320CT

Three Phase Wall Mounted Meters with Direct Power Line Connection

Class 1 active energy & Class 2 reactive energy

M380, M380R - 3x20(80)A, direct connection electricity meters

M320CT - 3x5(20)A, CT connection electricity meter

Real time two-wayPower Line Communication

Internal real time clock updated periodically by concentrator

M380R includes internal 100A load switching relays in each phase for remote disconnection/reconnection and power limitation.


Three Phase 3x5(20)A Wall Mounted "Standalone" Meter for use with GPRS cellular communication

Class 2 active energy, Class 2 reactive energy.

3x5(20)A, CT(current transformers) connection meter

Two way communication access to all units

Load control programs

Reports power load of each of the three phases

Informs immediately on a power failures by SMS.

Handles TOU

Cellular communication networks - Quad band GSM850/900/ 1800/1900 MHz


20(63)A Triple Width DIN Rail Mounted Meter with Display

20(63)A, Class 2, direct measurement static watt-hour meter

Real two-way “A” band Power Line Communication

Calculates locally TOU consumption at multiple tariffs

Repeats and amplifies signals transmitted by other distant units towards the concentrator over the power network - No distance limitation

Small size DIN rail mounted

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Unique Technologies offers a wide range of three-phase meters with features designed to meet the needs of your business, to facilitate revenue collection, prevent theft and increase efficiency.
Options available include seperate display screens, in-residence keypads and relay switches for remote disconnect/reconnect and power limitation.  Available in wall-mounted and DIN rail models.
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