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Why Unique Technologies?


Since 1993, Unique Technologies has been an innovator of smart metering solutions for utilities and businesses worldwide.


Unique's smart meter solutions answer the most challenging demands of today's energy distribution industry, including efficient usage of limited resources, theft prevention and quick response to power failure.


Unique works together with leading local power industries across the world to develop tailor made solutions to the challenges of each region.



What is Power Line Communication?

Unique's meters employ two-way communication, using the same dedicated  lines that provide power to the consumer, allowing for constant, reliable communication with minimum investment cost.


Meters communciate with a central concentrator, situated on the low-voltage side of the transformer, which then transfers the information to the central office using GSM, Wifi, Ethernet, or optic fiber.

The Smart Meter Advantage


Unique’s meters offer advanced features that address the most important concerns of today's energy distribution industry, including:


Theft prevention: Tamper and bypass alarms provide immediate alerts of energy theft.  Energy balance software locates theft.  Separate display units allow for total meter isolation, to prevent any risk of tampering.


Revenue assurance: Prepayment mode allows for customers to purchase energy credit from local vendors.  In post-payment mode, customers can be remotely disconnected or limited in their power consumption upon failure to pay.


Advanced control software: Tracks energy use in real time to allow for peak and off-peak pricing, and separate billing prices for alternative generation.


Demand side management: Allows for strategic load shedding to prevent grid failure and maintain power for crucial customers, such as hospitals.


Customer portal: Allows customers to view energy usage and pre-paid credit through a dedicated website.

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  • Distribution Companies

  • Cooperative Housing

  • Shopping Malls​​​​

  • Car Heater

  • Campsites and Marinas​​​​

  • Street Lighting Control


Unique Solutions Across the World
Empowering Africa

Africa’s power industry is severely challenged by non-technical losses caused by rampant theft and inefficient revenue collection systems.  In some places, distribution companies suffer losses of close to 50%.

Unique Technologies provides a solution to this dilemma with advanced anti-theft and prepayment features.  Unique’s meters also address the common power outages that plague Africa, by allowing remote disconnection of customers and loads in customer’s residence.



Cooperative Living


Unique provides the perfect energy management solution for cooperative housing projects that buy electricity in bulk and distribute it to tenants.  Unique allows management to easily measure and bill for energy use, provide tenants with a clear view of their consumption and cost, and initiate demand side management with remote load shedding devices.

Unique's water meters allow for remote readings of hot and cold water, to provide a comprehensive utility report.



Car Heating Solutions in Sweden


In frigid climates such as Scandinavia, Unique’s car heating control system allows car owners to heat their engines by pre-programmed schedule or remote control, using their smartphones or the internet.  Each car-heating unit has local control using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.



Lighting the Way in Chile

Unique’s street lighting control and dimming system provide energy saving of up to 30%, by automatically adjusting light intensity for time of day, weather conditions and location.  Important safety features include brighter light near crosswalks and intersections.   Power Line Communication allows for detection of faulty lamps and ballasts, monitoring of defective equipment, and prevention of cable theft.

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